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about this site

This site is a personal summary of my past experiences in computer technologies. It is primarily used for myself to remember how I did something in the past. I also like to write and maybe some topics are of use to others.

server software

The website is generated with Hugo and uses a slightly modified Codex theme. The server runs on FreeBSD and also serves as private DNS, Nextcloud platform and soon as a private mail server.

It emphasizes on security and privacy. Webserver and packet filter logs are only analyzed locally for security issues. No data leaves the server. Website and server have high ratings by SSL Labs, Security Headers and Nextcloud Security Scans.

if you really want to know more about me

In my early days I started being curious about different PC setups, hardware- and software-wise. I have enjoyed disassembling old PCs nobody cared and loved anymore, putting them back together in varying configurations and make them run the best operating system (talk about running Windows 95 on a 286-machine). My opinion on the best OS changed frequently, so I tried out a lot of different systems: NT, BeOS, any Linux distro I could get my hands on, HP-UX, Netware, you name it. Eventually I fell in love with FreeBSD. Figuring out how to use it as a productive desktop system, integrate it into existing M$ networks and run my favorite games on it, cost me quite some time (and nerves). But boy, did I learn a lot about operating systems.

Meanwhile I took a lot of interest in coding as well. Using any spare time besides school to write more or less functional pieces of software in C. Meeting with friends to code genius ideas (though, it turned out they weren’t that genius – the ideas, not the friends) when others went swimming, was awesome.

When I started my apprenticeship in software engineering, I turned my hobby into my job. Getting up in the morning, the head full with fresh new ideas about how to solve puzzles at work. Priceless. Working for a couple of years as a programmer (mainly embedded systems) and network admin (mainly Linux and Unix), including freelancing for a couple of years, I took a break from computer science and studied education and politics. While never losing interest in topics like Unix, network technologies, software porting and gaming completely.

Eventually I deciced to go back to my roots and find a fullfilling working place in which I can combine my experience in coding, networking and education. To get back into business I started taking courses in agile project management and C++ / JAVA programming. Though I am also interested in Rust and will teach it myself in my spare time.

My interests have shifted quite a lot towards my kids and how I want to leave the world to them. Besides that, my personal interests include: FreeBSD, custom ROMs, DIY hardware like DSL-modem and Smart-TV boxes and the Open Source movement. I am especially curious about how we can keep our personal data not only secure, but also private (a.k.a. NOT Google), while not having to give up functionality and comfort.