Hello World

This is a simple blog post to test Hugo features.

First things first#

This site is build upon the static page generator called Hugo while the theme is based on Codex.

Hugo claims to be the fastest static site generator. I don’t have any comparison, but i can tell its not a sludge.

Creating posts#

In greatly simplyfing everything, posts in Hugo are divided into a description and a content part.


The description holds meta information for the page (e.g. title, keywords, tags, etc.).

For this page the description looks like this:

title: "Hello World"
date: 2022-09-19T14:36:00+02:00
draft: false
description: "Simple Hugo post to welcome everyone"
keywords: [tobias, gion, bsd, privacy, open source]
tags: [generic]

Those are just simple options. Depending on the theme you are using, many more can be available.


The content is obviously written in Markdown, which is such an awesome language created partly by Aaron Swartz (RIP mate). There is an cheat sheet to help with the syntax, alltough in time it just works naturally.